Jakob Owens / Unsplash Feeling the breeze on your face as you run past the trees is exhilarating. If you’re a runner, you probably know and love this familiar feeling of getting your blood pumping and your muscles moving. Of course, runners love running, but it can be hard on […]

I have some awesome news for anyone who enjoys butt exercises. A strong, toned butt is a solid indicator of longevity. Here’s how: Glute strength comes in clutch for injury prevention, functional movement, and maintaining proper posture, which all add up to healthier years. Sitting around on your peach won’t […]

3 key steps towards a healthier diet for elderly diabetic patients Adapting to new food needs can be challenging for seniors, especially when they have relished their favorite meals for years. Changing long-standing eating habits doesn’t have to happen overnight. “My number one tip is to start small,” says Sara […]

Factors including poor diet, stress, dehydration, and even certain medications could all pave the way to constipation. If the food passes too slowly through your gut, too much water gets absorbed, causing hard stools that are difficult and painful to pass. If this occurs more than three times a week, […]