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Friday, January 6, 2023 | Kaiser Health News

Pushback Undoes Cutbacks In California’s Medi-Cal Insurance Plans The California Department of Health Care Services announced it has now negotiated with five commercial health plans for 2024 Medi-Cal services, undoing a process that had cut the number to three. Also: Medicaid expansion, flavored tobacco in Ohio, marijuana use in Maryland, transgender health laws and more. […]

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Chinese resort to black market for COVID-19 drugs amid infection surge

Desperate families searching for critical COVID-19 medication in China — faced with bare pharmacy shelves and an explosion of cases — are being driven into murky online marketplaces that are rife with price gouging and fraud. Key points: Beijing last month suddenly lifted widespread COVID-19 containment restrictions, resulting in more infections The current wave has seen pharmacies stripped of supplies, […]