19 Healthy Meal Delivery Services of 2023 for Easy At-Home Dining

The arrival of autumn has sent our schedules into overdrive, once again. With that in mind, why not consider signing up for a healthy meal delivery service? Designed to take the hassle out of eating well—not to mention save you a time-consuming outing to the grocery store—these feel-good food options will set the mind (and gut) at ease.

From a supermodel-approved renewal program (complete with virtual meditation and movement classes) to a line of seasonal vegan food, there are now more options than ever. Take your pick and rest assured: fuss-free nutritious dining is just a few clicks away.

Below, a look at 19 healthy meal delivery services for easy at-home dining.

Vogue’s Favorite Meal Delivery Services of 2023:

  • Best for Health and Wellness: Sakara Life, starting at $67 per week
  • Best for Endless Options: Home Chef, starting at $8 per serving
  • Best for Michelin-Chef Dining at Home: CookUnity, starting at $8 per meal
  • Best for the Home Chef: Hungryroot, starting at $65 per delivery
  • Best for Date Night: Blue Apron, starting at $61 per week
  • Best for Quick and Easy Meals: Factor, starting at $11 per meal

Sakara Life’s Instagram-friendly prepackaged meals have long been the fashion flock’s go-to for a quick reset, but if a deep clean is in need, look no further than the brand’s multi-week programs, which let you reap the benefits of the Lily Aldridge–approved holistic service from the comfort of your own home. Enter the plant-rich, whole-food world with a signature nutrition plan that improves your overall health.

Sakara The Metabolism Reset

  • Why We Love It: The nutritionally-designed meals are joined by Sakara’s signature plant protein bars, daily doses of supplements, and sleek beauty water concentrates.
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $67 per week for one meal for two days each week.
  • Stand-Out Meal: The Metabolism Reset

Offering up to 38 meal choices—which rotate weekly and arrive in the form of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients—the Chicago-based company Home Chef allows customers to personalize their menus. Whether its a Tuscan-style shrimp penne or a jalapeño popper chicken, an inviting home-cooked meal awaits.

  • Why We Love It: Home Chef offers a wealth of options for everyone, including those looking to minimize food waste, improve their culinary skills, and more.
  • Price Structure: Meals start at $8 per serving
  • Stand-Out Meal: Black bean and corn tacos

CookUnity is a culinary collective bringing some of the best talents in the industry straight to your kitchen. Ever imagine luxurious meals prepared by a Michelin-starred chef in your own home? Well, using sustainably-sourced, seasonal ingredients, each CookUnity plan offers a selection of ready-to-eat meals crafted by said chefs, who prioritize taste and nutrition—without compromising on the quality of dining out. 

  • Why We Love It: CookUnity allows you to choose from dozens of plates with the option to receive anywhere from four to 16 weekly meals, which need only be heated in the oven upon arrival.
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $8 per meal for eight meals a week.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Chicken shawarma

According to Hungryroot, an online grocery service that launched in 2015, eating healthily can be not only easy but tasty, too, thanks to its sustainably-packaged boxes of fresh and simple ingredients for recipes ranging from washed and chopped vegetables to nutritious noodles made from chickpeas or red lentils. Becoming a culinary maestro isn’t such a fleeting dream after all.  

  • Why We Love It: Hungryroot gives you everything you need to whip up a home-cooked meal—without ever having to brave the supermarket.
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $65 per delivery. 
  • Stand-Out Meal: Grilled chicken and garlic hummus wrap

Perhaps Blue Apron and meal delivery are already synonymous in your mind. As the first meal kit company to go public, Blue Apron established the road that other meal services strived to follow. Expect an insulated box full of portioned ingredients alongside recipes from a rotating roster of recipes—chickpea and curry shakshuka; pan-seared strip steaks—made with a variety of meat, fish, vegetarian, and Beyond Meat options. 

  • Why We Love It: The chef-conceived meals can be complemented with the perfect wine pairing, delivered monthly at just $10 a bottle.
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $61 per week for two servings of two meals per week. 
  • Stand-Out Meal: Crispy skin salmon

With an emphasis on fresh and nutritious food, Factor’s meal subscription service features an array of dietician-designed plans, including paleo, keto, and plant-based. A gourmet chef does the preparation, so all you have to do is show up to the plate with an eager appetite.

  • Why We Love It: Factor’s menu is updated every week with 34 healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. 
  • Price Structure: Starts at $11 per meal.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Shredded chicken and loaded mashed potatoes

When Daily Harvest first launched in 2015, it brought new innovation and health consciousness to the frozen food section with its line of ready-to-blend superfood smoothies. Since then, the superfood subscription service added savory soups to its roster, which has also expanded to include the likes of chia puddings and nourishing harvest bowls. The preservative-free vegetarian medleys, which can be popped in the microwave for just five minutes, are available in a handful of comforting flavors, such as green chickpea and kale curry, cauliflower and leek stew, and mushroom and miso. At the core of the company is one-step-prep—minimizing your to-do list and maximizing your quality of life.

  • Why We Love It: Beyond pleasing the eye, Daily Harvest’s frozen offerings are dairy- and gluten-free. 
  • Price Structure: Individual items begin at $6. 
  • Stand-Out Meal: Sweet potato and wild rice hash

Encouraging a plant-based lifestyle, Purple Carrot’s healthy meal kits and prepared meals offer two- and four-serving plans, which arrive in recyclable packaging and center around seasonal vegan recipes, like butternut ramen or kimchi mushroom fried rice. Besides, improving your health while doing good for the environment seems like a no brainer.

  • Why We Love It: Five-minute breakfast and lunch options (think: orange tahini overnight oats) can be added on for a stress-free week of feel-good eating.
  • Price Structure: Meal kit plans start at $55 for two servings three times a week; prepared meal plans start at $53 for six meals per week. 
  • Stand-Out Meal: Ancient grain bowls

Designed to take the hassle out of preparing dinner, Sunbasket’s pre-prepped programs feature nutritious meals, which will have dinner on the table in 10 minutes or less (no chopping or measuring required). From the farm to your table, eating fresh and clean has never been so easy. Here, organic produce and proteins take center stage in meals such as salmon and quinoa bowls and chicken breasts with olive leek sauce and sautéed kale.

  • Why We Love It: Why stop at dinner? Sunbasket lets you top off your shopping cart with a selection of snacks, breakfasts, ready-to-eat lunches, and specialty pantry items. 
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $10 per meal.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Orzo bowls with broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and pistou

Make dinner in 15 minutes or less with the help of a Gobble box, which comes filled with ingredients for a handful of surprisingly simple recipes for the likes of sesame-crusted ahi tuna salad, Thai chicken with brown rice and basil, and more. Whether you prefer your dinner classic, lean and clean, or vegetarian, there’s a plan for that.

  • Why We Love It: Gobble’s meals cater to a range of eaters, from carnivores and vegetarians to the pickiest group of all: kids. 
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $68 for two servings twice a week.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Chicken scallopini with creamy lemon garlic sauce and harvest rice medley

Thanks to a robust selection of meals, HelloFresh is ideal for those looking to streamline their meal prep while exploring tastes from around the world. You don’t need to be a fully fledged Michelin-starred wizard to make a coconut curry turkey noodle soup or fancy panini. (Just ask actor Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, chef, and cookbook author David Burtka, with whom the meal delivery service announced a partnership this past summer.) 

  • Why We Love It: New meals are created weekly, so you won’t have to worry about tiring of any recipes, which range from mushroom tempura to roasted chickpea salad and beyond.
  • Price Structure: Plans start at $61 for two meals for two people per week. 
  • Stand-Out Meal: Citrus pork tacos

Sometimes easy isn’t so easy, which is why EveryPlate made sure its recipes require only six simple steps. Just 30 minutes later, a delicious meal awaits. While that might inspire fears of a strict soup and salad routine, take heart knowing that there are plenty of meat-forward options—like creamy mushroom steak and a chili chicken stir-fry—to pick from. 

  • Why We Love It: EveryPlate allows customers to choose from 21 recipes, which change every week and can be made in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Price Structure: Starting at $5 per meal.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Southwest pork flautas

Who doesn’t want to cook like Martha Stewart? Arriving at your doorstep with curated spice blends and pre-portioned, seasonal ingredients, Marley Spoon’s meal kits allow you to choose from over 45 of the lifestyle guru’s favorite, feel-good recipes. If it has the iconic chef’s stamp of approval, you know it’s going to be good.

  • Why We Love It: Carefully conceived to be cooked in just six precise steps, Marley Spoon’s meals are as easy to follow as they are satisfying to eat. 
  • Price Structure: Starting at $8 per serving.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Steak and mustard pan sauce

Designed to make supper preparation painless, Dinnerly allows customers to pick their delivery day and select from over 100 recipes, including no-chop balsamic chicken salad and easy-to-clean-up shrimp and vegetables packets. It’s as easy or difficult as you want it to be, which can make a task like chicken shawarma lettuce cups significantly less daunting.

  • Why We Love It: Dinnerly’s nutritious, no-brainer meals can be created in just five simple steps. 
  • Price Structure: Starting at $5 per serving.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Chicken caesar wrap

Those looking to make a home-cooked meal but also cut down on the amount of time spent running around grocery stores and farmers’ markets should consider signing up for Green Chef, a USDA-certified organic delivery service that comes with pre-measured ingredients, premade sauces, and pre-chopped vegetables. Tempt tastebuds with food that will leave you with a clean conscience.

  • Why We Love It: Choose from a wealth of plans—Paleo, plant-powered, keto—for fuss-free entrées at your doorstep.
  • Price Structure: Starting at $13 per serving.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Herbed chicken and bacon penne alfredo

When even cooking pre-measured ingredients feels like too much of a burden, consider ordering ahead from Ipsa Provisions, which is currently available for delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Helmed by Micah Fredman, a chef who worked at Gramercy Tavern, and Joshua Brau, a former brand director at Blue Apron, the new company is on a mission to redefine frozen food. Don’t discount the freezer section; it’s getting a makeover.

  • Why We Love It: The seasonal menu’s hearty meals are made in New York City with pasture-raised meats and organic produce, but the strawberry rhubarb bread pudding will surely keep you coming back for more. 
  • Price Structure: Multiportion meals begin at $15.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Eggplant marinara 

Founded by beauty industry veteran Tatiana Boncompagni in 2020, Eat Sunny’s vegetarian and “flexitarian” three- and five-day plans prioritize antioxidants, fiber-rich vegetables, and slow-digesting whole grains—as well as superfoods, like collagen, goji berries, and adaptogenic powders—in a host of heat-and-eat meals. Grounded in the Mediterranean Diet, the thoughtfully conceived meals deliver a balance to your life.

  • Why We Love It: Eat Sunny provides immune-boosting Mediterranean-inspired breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks designed to leave you—and your skin—satisfied. 
  • Price Structure: Meal plans start at $189 for four meals per day, three days a week.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Wild mushroom lasagna

What better way to have a meal delivered than by the chef themself? For New Yorkers and Angelenos looking to indulge (responsibly), there’s no better service to turn to than The Culinistas, which will send a culinary-trained chef, with fresh ingredients in hand, to your home to prepare a selection of wholesome dishes from a menu of your choosing—making sure to follow proper safety protocols and, of course, leave the kitchen spotless. 

  • Why We Love It: Your fridge will be stocked with six ready-to-eat meals to mix and match throughout the week.
  • Price Structure: Services start at $356 per week.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Sweet potato hummus and crudités

Think of Urban Remedy’s Metta-Morphosis program as a total body reset. Originally created with the help of Angela Lindvall (a fan of the company’s plant-centric meals, along with Cindy Crawford and Kate Upton), it delivers clean, low-glycemic juices, soups, and salads right to your door. Instead of dispelling cravings, Urban Remedy leans into them with a healthy and healing hand.

Urban Remedy Metta-Morphosis Program

  • Why We Love It: The holistic program comes with guided morning and evening meditation, daily movement classes led by dance and yoga teachers, and empowering videos.
  • Price Structure: The program begins at $189 for three days.
  • Stand-Out Meal: Crunchy eggplant bacon chop salad


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