70 Healthy Lunch Ideas That Are Easy to Pack for School and Work

A healthy lunch might be the best productivity hack: It provides you with the energy you need to power through that afternoon slump and ensures that you can finish up your day without feeling… hangry. So when it came to choosing our best healthy lunch ideas, we didn’t just gather our

lowest-calorie recipes. We put together a list of our best nutrient-packed dishes that contain plenty of satisfying ingredients (nuts! cheese! creamy spreads!) and are easy to make for lunch. In fact, most of them can be made in 30 minutes or less.

While we love a veggie-packed salad, that’s not all you’ll find on this list. Healthy sandwiches, cozy soups, grain bowls, pastas, toasts and more lunch faves can all be part of a healthy diet. “A balanced lunch can energize your body and help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Choosing a lunch rich in lean protein and fiber can help keep you full and satiated too,” says Nutrition Lab Director Stefani Sassos. There’s nothing that ruins healthy dinner plans faster than snacking all day because of an underwhelming lunch.

Picky eater? We included options for all kinds of eaters and dietary requirements. We included vegetarian and vegan options as well as gluten-free picks. No time? With a little bit of meal prep, you can get that healthy meal on your table even faster (or even completely ready to go in the fridge — make-ahead meals FTW!). And the best part about healthy lunching? Having room for healthy dessert, too.


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