As with any skincare device, there are certain areas of the face that should be approached with caution or avoided entirely when using a micro-needling tool. Davis tells us these include the eyelids and the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. It should also be used carefully on bony […]

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, we may earn affiliate revenue on this article and commission when you buy something. Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what was their secret to healthy, glowing skin? We’ve asked experts to spill the best skin-care […]

Ever since the pandemic, people have begun to realize just how much they can get done without ever leaving the house. At the time, the beauty industry pivoted and quickly made at-home treatments a main focus in almost every category. Nail technicians made house calls for manicures and pedicures, and […]

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Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a common skin condition that develops when your pores become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, or bacteria. It can be triggered by hormonal changes, excessive sweating, oily cosmetic products, stress, and the side effects of certain medications.  To clear up their breakouts, […]

We’ve all seen the Hannibal Lecter-esque light-up masks on Instagram but do we actually know what they are and how they work? Not so much. We’ll level with you, they’re not just creepy looking masks, but actually the secret to giving acne-prone and dull skin a good old glow boost. […]

Unless you’re a dermatologist, you probably don’t know how to remove skin tags the right way—as in, without hurting yourself or potentially causing other issues like excessive bleeding, scarring, or infection. But you’re definitely not alone if you’re looking to cut one of those suckers loose. Skin tags—or acrochordons, if […]