We all know how overpriced and overwhelming beauty can be. You can pay for estheticians, surgeons & dermatologists; but they often provide lackluster results… and the cost quickly adds up. Some spend $1,000s on surgical facelifts. Others spend $1,000s on Botox injections and fillers. But, of course there’s no guarantee […]

You may be able to reduce ingrown pubic hairs with over-the-counter (OTC) exfoliants and moisturizers and home remedies. Certain practices, like hygienic shaving habits, may prevent them. You get ingrown pubic hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface. It can happen […]

If you’ve stumbled into red light therapy on social media, you have probably seen claims that it clears acne, de-ages skin, reduces inflammation and heals joints. You may have also heard that it does nothing at all, and is just another beauty fad. SKIP AHEAD What to look for in […]

Keeping nursing home caregivers motivated can be a stressful battle, particularly when they’re addressing stubborn skin care issues in elderly residents. But experts say you can bring calm to the storm by being more mindful of your facility’s culture, setting realistic goals and constantly tweaking skin care processes when needed. […]