How to lose weight and get toned with yoga

Many people think doing yoga will lead to weight loss through movement but this is inaccurate. As with any type of exercise, in order to lose weight there needs to be an aerobic side to it. You need to feel your heart rate increase and burn calories so not all types of yoga achieve this. For example, restorative or Yin yoga are much more sedentary with longer holds in the postures and this won’t help you achieve your weight loss goals from movement alone. However, Ashtanga yoga or flow yoga will help you move frequently and dynamically, increasing your heart rate and helping you burn calories.

Saying this, it’s important to remember that yoga’s main aim isn’t to help you lose weight. The postures themselves help you to release physical and mental tension to reduce your stress levels (with the ultimate aim being a supple body to sit in meditation). It may be that reducing your stress and tension leads to better choices when it comes to diet and this can be where the weight loss is. Of course, any exercise is good to complement a healthy and balanced diet, so yoga is still a good companion for your weight loss journey.


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