Is colostrum from cows a miracle milk or mere snake oil? If your social media algorithms are plugged into the vitamin and supplement industry, you’ve likely come across marketing for bovine colostrum, a dietary supplement that, proponents say, aids in immunity, digestion, sleep, muscle recovery and even vaginal dryness. Health […]

Skift Take Global travel declined from June to July, similar to the downward trend we saw this time last year. Hong Kong was the only country with an uptick in Skift’s Travel Health Index. Saniya Zanpure Skift Research’s Travel Health Index continued to track above 2019 levels in July, with […]

THE INTERNET IS all about wellness these days. With so many stressors weighing us down in times like these, we’ll try just about anything to find a sense of calm in a hectic world. Right now, the magic supplement touted for its anxiety-reducing properties on outlets like TikTok and Instagram […]

Yoga may reduce stress and improve mood in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Memory, thinking, language and behavior problems are caused by Alzheimer’s disease because brain cells degenerate and waste away. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are approximately 5.8 million Americans over the age of 65 who have been diagnosed […]

When it comes to embracing a healthy diet, one may think that the end effect is the commencement of flawless decisions and pure results. But sometimes, your initial steps can turn into significant obstacles impeding you from reaching your dietary goals. The Mediterranean diet was voted the healthiest diet earlier […]