Conceivably, you also could cram all of your exercise into long Saturday and Sunday workouts. In a 2017 study by Dr. Stamatakis and colleagues, people who reported exercising almost entirely on weekends were less likely to die prematurely than those who said they rarely exercised at all. But being a […]

Let your spirit soar with these free-flowing yoga poses. Aug 8, 2023 0 (Vadim Verenitsyn / Feel like you’re floating on cloud nine as you embrace the air element’s lightness, freedom, and flow. Just as the wind moves effortlessly through the trees, these yoga poses will help you cultivate […]

Suzanne Somers recently went through another bout with cancer, according to her husband Alan Hamel. The Step by Step star, 76, hasn’t appeared on her popular Facebook Live show as of late, sparking concern among fans, who wondered where she has been. Now, the Canadian entertainer is giving insight into his wife’s health […]

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  Are you giving your furry friend the best care possible? As dog owners, we want our four-legged companions to live long and healthy lives. That’s why it’s crucial to address their nutritional needs. Just like humans, dogs require essential nutrients to thrive. However, their […]