Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | Kaiser Health News

Wednesday, August 17, 2022 | Kaiser Health News

Biden Administration Plans Push For Abortion Rights, Aiming At Men Too

The White House is planning a serious effort to emphasize abortion access ahead of the midterms, and its campaign will also try to sway men’s opinions. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is reportedly planning a record spend of $50 million on advocacy ahead of the elections.

Exclusive: New Biden Abortion Rights Push Addresses Both Women And Men

Cheered by a decisive win for abortion rights in a Kansas vote and eyeing November midterm elections, the White House is launching a push for abortion access that aims to influence men as well as women, sources with direct knowledge told Reuters. The Biden administration’s three-prong playbook leans on two specific federal statutes to target states that limit abortion, communicates to voters the impact on women, and accentuates how forced pregnancies negatively affect both women and men. (Bose, 8/16)

Planned Parenthood To Spend Record $50M In Midterm Elections

The effort, which breaks the group’s previous $45 million spending record set in 2020, comes months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that created a constitutional right to have an abortion. It will be waged by the organization’s political and advocacy arms and will focus on governor’s offices, U.S. Senate seats and legislative races in nine states where abortion rights could be restricted or expanded depending on the outcome at the ballot. (Slodysko, 8/17)

US Defends Emergency Abortion Rule In Texas AG’s Lawsuit

The Biden administration asked a judge to throw out a Texas lawsuit challenging a federal mandate that emergency abortions in hospitals take priority over state bans on such procedures, calling the rule “reasonable and reasonably explained.” (Larson, 8/16)

Meanwhile, worries rise about abortion-related app data —

Los Angeles Times:
How Pregnancy App Data Could Be Used To Prosecute Abortions

After studying 20 of the most popular period-tracking and pregnancy-tracking apps, researchers from the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation found that 18 of them had data collection practices that raised privacy or security concerns. The report also considered five wearable devices that track fertility but did not raise concerns about their data collection. (Masunaga, 8/17)

On other abortion matters in the news —

Poll: Abortion Enters Top 5 Latino Issues

For the first time, abortion has entered the top-five issues concerning Latino voters, according to a new poll from two Latino civil rights organizations which showed Democrats with a 2-to-1 edge in the chase for Latinos’ midterm votes. (Martinez, 8/16)

Court: Parentless Girl, 16, Not ‘Mature’ Enough For Abortion

An appellate court has upheld a lower court ruling that a parentless 16-year-old girl in the Florida Panhandle was not “sufficiently mature” to end her pregnancy while seeking a waiver from a state law that requires minors to get parental consent for an abortion. (8/16)

The Baltimore Sun:
Maryland Joins Multistate Coalition In Defending Abortion As Emergency Medical Care

Maryland joined a multistate coalition supporting the federal government’s moves to prevent Texas and Idaho from exempting abortion from a law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care, Attorney General Brian Frosh said Tuesday. (Jensen, 8/16)

Midwest ‘Ghost Story’ Gives Insight Into Abortion Bans In 1800s 

Missouri lawmakers first passed a law restricting abortions in 1825 — becoming the second state in the U.S. to do so. In 1907, they expanded the penalties, making it a felony offense. As a result, we don’t know much about the doctors who provided these health care services. With one major exception: Doctor Annie Smith. (Martin, 8/16)

Columbus Dispatch:
Leaving Ohio For An Abortion? Planned Parenthood Can Help

Before Planned Parenthood’s Leah Mallinos tackles the practical needs of Ohioans seeking abortions in other states, she pauses to acknowledge a basic truth. “I always like to start off with acknowledging the emotional impact that someone has when they are learning that they cannot receive care in the state of Ohio, in their home state and in their communities,” Mallinos said. “It’s absolutely devastating.” (Balmert, 8/16)

Abortion Ban Goes To S. Carolina House Floor For Big Fight

A near total abortion ban in South Carolina that does not include exceptions for pregnancies’ caused by rape or incest was sent to the state House floor Tuesday but not without hints and warnings that the lack of exceptions could cause a big legislative fight in a few weeks. (Collins, 8/16)

Also —

Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Has Birth Control Advocates Worried

Advocates like Clare Coleman, president and CEO of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association in Washington, D.C., are now calling for Democrats to use every tool at their disposal to increase financial support for Title X, which they say has long been underfunded. (Paviour, 8/16)

Once Routine, Pre-Surgical Pregnancy Testing Now Is Anything But

The Supreme Court’s decision has raised the stakes of a positive pregnancy test in the states where abortion is banned or sharply restricted. (Pasricha, 8/16)

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