These 4 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief Will Relax Your Entire Body

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Whether it’s tightness in your shoulders, tension through your spine, or a seemingly never-ending headache, stress manifests itself in our bodies in various ways. Yoga, with its focus on breathing and mindful movement, might be the ultimate form of stress relief. The practice has been proven to help you relax and unwind, even on the most anxiety-filled days.

How does yoga relieve stress?

The better question might be how doesn’t yoga relieve stress? As a practice, yoga triggers the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which when activated, signals the body and mind to relax. The deep breathing we practice in yoga helps calm you, lowering blood pressure, decreasing your heart rate, and focusing your thoughts and attention. The gentle asanas allow you to tune into your body, stretch and strengthen your muscles, release tension, and ease pain.

Yoga also has been shown to decrease the levels of cortisol, or the stress hormone, in the body. It can improve your sleep, digestion, immune system—all of which are impacted by stress. It can ease depression, sadness, and mood swings by restoring dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Yoga also tones the vagus nerve—otherwise known as the well-being nerve—which, according to research, allows people to more easily shift from a stressed to a relaxed state.

There are many (countless, even!) benefits of yoga. But the best thing about it is that the more you practice, the more prepared you’ll be to mange daily stress and emotionally and physically fraught situations as they arise.

How to practice yoga for stress relief

Before heading to your mat for a stress-busting practice, make sure you’ve created a space that cultivates a sense of calm. Lisa Jang, a Yin Yoga teacher and trainer, says personalizing your space—and reminding those around you that you’re seeking some dedicated quiet time–can help create a serene practice area you can retreat to whenever you need it.

We asked Jang to share some of her favorite yoga poses for stress relief for a serene at-home practice (even in times of chaos).

4 yoga poses for stress relief

Lisa Jang practices Eye of the Needle Pose
(Photo: Kyrah Jang)

Eye of the Needle Pose

Feeling some stress and tightness around your glute muscles? Jang recommends practicing this posture. “This one is my go-to for my glutes,” she says. “There’s something about how I can just tilt a little from side to side to get a tension release around my glutes.” If you’re looking for some additional support in this pose, Jang says you can also opt to practice it against a wall.

Lisa Jang practices Bananasana
(Photo: Kyrah Jang)


This Yin Yoga posture is a great pose to turn to when you’re feeling some increased stress. “Settling into a banana or half-moon shape [and] releasing my intercostal muscles and obliques for three to five minutes makes me breathe more fully into my body,” Jang says. While she chooses to practice this pose with a strap, she says you can opt to come into the shape without props, as well. But even without props, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of this restorative posture.

Lisa Jang practices Thread the Needle
(Photo: Kyrah Jang)

Thread the Needle

This pose, practiced in a Balasana (Child’s Pose) position, helps relieve tension in your shoulders, Jang says. If you’ve been stressed out while hunching over your laptop or phone all day, this is a great pose to include in your stress-relieving practice. While Child’s Pose is already a calming posture, adding this arm variation allows you to relax through your upper body, Jang says.

Lisa Jang practices Open Wing Pose
(Photo: Kyrah Jang)

Open Wing Pose

Need a pose that will help you tap into your breath? Try this posture. Like Thread the Needle, Jang says this pose helps relieve stress and tension throughout your shoulders by opening them up. While in this pose, focus on deep breaths and relaxing through your entire upper body. You’ll find yourself wanting to linger in this pose for more than a few breaths. (And we don’t blame you.)


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