We chat to fitness instructor Veronika Polakova (@jump_to_the_beat) about trampolining, and why it’s her favourite workout.  Were you always into fitness?  From a very young age, I developed a love for movement. I was a very active child, always involved in various sports activities and athletic competitions, from mountain biking […]

Chris Rondeau, CEO of Planet Fitness Adam Jeffery | CNBC In a move that stunned investors and employees alike, Planet Fitness ousted company veteran Chris Rondeau from his post as CEO, the workout chain said Friday in a press release. Shares closed nearly 16% lower in the wake of the […]

When parkour communities meet up for a group session, they have an interesting way of preparing to hurl themselves off roofs, dumpsters and staircases. They circle up, bear-crawl to the center and give each other high-fives. It’s very wacky, kind of wholesome and makes for a dynamite warm-up. Parkour moves […]

The development of one’s emotional, mental, social, and physical selves are only a few of the many aspects or dimensions of personality. All of these facets of personality are developed through various physical education programmes. Both physical and mental health are enhanced by exercise. Indeed, research demonstrate that “taking […]