The gut-brain axis and cardiometabolic health in our latest scientific news round-up

A ‘chicken or the egg’ situation: More research needed on whether gut dysbiosis affects the brain or vice versa​

Research on the gut-brain axis is growing, but it is still a ‘chicken or the egg’ situation when it comes to whether it is gut dysbiosis that affects brain health or vice versa.

Dr Chakrapani P. S., honorary director at the Centre for NeuroScience and assistant professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, who specialises in the research of neuroscience and the gut-brain axis, pointed out the above in the latest episode of our Nutrachampion podcast.

He said that alterations to the gut microbiome were observed in models studying brain damage that occurred due to accidents or Parkinson’s Disease. Similarly, gut dysbiosis could also affect the brain, but it remains unclear whether it is gut dysbiosis that affects brain health or vice versa, he said.

“What happens in the gut, does not stay in the gut”: Why fibre, protein intake affects cardiometabolic health​  

The types of dietary fibre and protein consumed could affect gut microbiome and the risk of developing cardiometabolic diseases, emerging scientific evidence has shown.

Kazuyuki Kasahara, assistant professor of Metabolic, Nutrition, and Microbiome Medicine, at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, pointed out the above during his presentation at the Growth Asia Summit.

His research out of his Kasahara Lab has showed that a high dietary fibre diet could protect against atherosclerosis by promoting the colonisation of Roseburia intestinalis – ​an anaerobic, gram-positive bacterium that breaks down dietary fibre and produces butyrate in the colon.

Glycine supplementation before bedtime improves sleep quality and alertness – review​​

The supplementation of the amino acid glycine before bedtime has shown to improve sleep quality, alertness and reduce fatigue in healthy populations, according to findings of a recent review conducted by researchers from Singapore.


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