Latest Jim Ross Health Update: Real Reason Why the WWE Hall of Famer Is Walking Away From AEW

In a shocking turn of events, the real reason behind the departure of Jim Ross from AEW has been unveiled. The beloved commentator, known for his unmatched charisma and love for the sport, recently faced a formidable opponent outside the ring: skin cancer.

In 2021, Ross received a devastating diagnosis that shook him to the core. Undeterred, the 71-year-old embarked on a courageous battle against the disease, undergoing rigorous rounds of chemotherapy. Throughout this challenging period, Ross displayed unwavering determination, inspiring fans and fellow wrestlers alike with his resilience.

Just two months ago, a beacon of hope shone through the darkness. Ross took to Twitter to share a positive update on his improving health, announcing that he had successfully triumphed over skin cancer. However, this victory came at a cost.

Chemotherapy, while instrumental in his recovery, left the wrestling legend with a few lingering wounds. Although not life-threatening, these wounds require time and care to fully heal and restore Ross to optimal health. 

Jim Ross’ health rebounds: Encouraging signs of recovery emerge

In a recent episode of the widely acclaimed “Grilling JR” podcast, wrestling legend Jim Ross provided an inspiring update on his health journey. With his characteristic optimism, Ross shared the latest developments that have left him feeling confident and grateful.

AEW commentator Jim Ross
AEW commentator Jim Ross

Speaking with genuine enthusiasm, Ross exclaimed, “Life is good! I’m fine, I’m healthy.” The news that followed was met with applause from his devoted fans. Ross revealed that his foot wound, a result of his cancer battle, has reduced in size by a remarkable 43%. It’s undoubtedly a triumph worth celebrating.

While the wound continues to receive regular care, Ross expressed his gratitude for the meticulous attention it receives from his healthcare team. Every week, he visits the wound doctor for cleaning and to ensure there are no complications. Cultures are taken to provide further reassurance and monitor his progress closely.

The wrestling community eagerly awaits Ross’s return to the commentary booth in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). With each passing day, he edges closer to full recovery, and the anticipation within the AEW world grows palpable. Fans, wrestlers, and colleagues are eager to welcome back the voice that has lent passion, excitement, and expertise to the sport they adore.

As Jim Ross’s journey of healing continues, his resilience and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiration to us all.


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