Otherwise Swearing by a Healthy Lifestyle, Simone Biles Unveils an Unhealthy Obsession

In order to reach the pinnacle of success in their respective sporting realms, athletes have to follow strict diet plans. Talent, hard work, and physical exercise are essential, but a proper diet plan is a must for all world-class athletes and Simone Biles is no stranger to this philosophy. Hence, the American gymnast supports her high-octane lifestyle, with dietary choices that are strategically crafted. Nevertheless, while she is a great proponent of a healthy lifestyle, the gymnastics queen recently chose an unhealthy option to calm down her cravings.

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Crediting the major chunk of her vocation to her healthy eating choices, Biles never shied away from spending hours at the gym and avoiding overeating. Her eating philosophy includes the power of protein, fiber, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, Biles also indulges in some unhealthy food choices every now and then, and she recently showcased one such snack on her social media.

Simone Biles munches on unhealthy snack post US Classics


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In order to stick to a strict healthy diet, athletes are allowed to cheat meals often. These meals are accounted for in their diet plans by their trainers and nutrition experts. Recently, while attending one of her husband’s football games, Biles showcased a delicacy that is bound to be different from her usual healthy food items. Posting a story on her Instagram, Biles showed a picture of a hotdog with the caption, “If there’s one thing about me, imma eat a glizzy,” and followed this with a hotdog emoji.


Multiple reports also indicate that pizza is her favorite food, while she also loves froyo and fries. The gymnast also revealed that she is a morning person but does not always have breakfast. If she does decide to have breakfast, she goes for quick and easy options like oatmeal or fresh fruit. Her morning beverage does not usually include coffee. Rather, she sticks to water, something that she keeps close by at all times during the day. However, she changes her pattern on the weekends when she gives in to a grand breakfast, which can include protein waffles adorned with chocolate chips, eggs, or cinnamon rolls. The Olympian also has a number of snacks that she frequently eats.


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Tasty treats of the legendary gymnast

Snacking for athletes is different. For us, snacking may help to satisfy a craving, but for athletes, snacks can be an extra burst of energy that helps the body to perform at its peak. Amidst her strict diet and training routines, Simone Biles finds time for her varied snacks, which include grapes, strawberries, and bananas. These nutrient-packed delights provide a quick boost of energy and essential vitamins that help the gymnast stay on her toes throughout the day. Occasionally, she also swaps fruits and embraces banana bread muffins. Her other favorites remain the classic popcorn and pretzels dipped in Nutella.

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Biles’ mixed diet plan of healthy foods and delicacies seems to be working just fine for the Olympian. With her immense professional success, Biles also knows about the importance to unwind and relax from a strict training and diet regimen. Her success and eating habits prove that athletes should not only chase trophies and medals but also treat their bodies with the utmost care and respect.

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