Conceivably, you also could cram all of your exercise into long Saturday and Sunday workouts. In a 2017 study by Dr. Stamatakis and colleagues, people who reported exercising almost entirely on weekends were less likely to die prematurely than those who said they rarely exercised at all. But being a […]

Main Street Lorain is strengthening the community through consistent connection with residents. The organization held a fitness-themed First Friday on Aug. 4 on Broadway in downtown Lorain. The popular monthly events will continue year-round, said Main Street Lorain Board of Directors President Chris Cocco. “Starting in May, we’ve implemented First […]

When you enter a gym, the variety of exercises people are performing can seem endlessly varied — not to mention overwhelming. But if you observe closely, there are seven fundamental movement patterns that pretty much all exercises boil down to. Familiarizing yourself with the basic movement patterns can help you […]