You’d be hard-pressed to find a meal that didn’t benefit from a little garlic. From omelets, to pasta dishes, to meat marinades, a little bit of garlic goes a long way in adding major flavor. Not only is the tiny clove small but mighty in the cooking department, but consuming […]

Padahastasana or hand to foot pose can help you focus better and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Know key benefits of padahastasana. Surya Namaskar or sun salutation, which is a combination of 12 yoga poses, is widely known for its health benefits. Each pose has something to offer. One of them […]

As with any skincare device, there are certain areas of the face that should be approached with caution or avoided entirely when using a micro-needling tool. Davis tells us these include the eyelids and the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. It should also be used carefully on bony […]