If you require time to calm your mind and decompress from your day before attempting to get some sleep, you aren’t alone. Luckily, there are plenty of tricks that could help you at bedtime like reading, drinking a hot cup of herbal tea or journaling. But if those tips aren’t […]

While it’s always nice to have a luxuriously supine bed rot day, sometimes you have to get up and get moving — and that’s when energizing yoga poses can come in handy. Yoga is known to be relaxing, meditative, and stress-relieving, but it can also get your blood pumping if […]

Yoga has long been touted as one of the best antidotes to stress, and it’s true. Of the many benefits that practicing yoga can offer, reducing stress really is one of them.  Here’s the surprise, though: You don’t need much time on the mat to get the stress-relieving benefits of […]

Seated yoga poses strengthen the knees and ankles through stability, controlled movements, weight-bearing, and balance challenges. By engaging the muscles around these joints and maintaining proper alignment, you build strength and stability. Practising these poses gradually and with proper alignment can contribute to stronger and healthier knees and ankles. Here […]

Mansoorudin Faridi/New Delhi Yogi Haider, the founder of Yoga Pakistan and Way of Nature is credited with popularizing this ancient science of keeping the body and mind healthy through Yoga practices and meditation, in his country. He has spoken of his dream of emulating Baba Ramdev to create a health awareness revolution […]