Ban On Businesses’ Covid Shot Mandates Heads To Texas Governor Under the law, private companies that punish workers for refusing a covid shot could get a $50,000 fine. Meanwhile, Houston Independent School District nurses are voicing their anger at a plan to have them staff two covid clinics without extra […]

Emerging data suggests the best NMN supplements could be vital to supporting optimal aging outcomes, effectively alleviating several aspects of age-related decline in men and women. NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) is an organic compound found throughout nature. However, scientists didn’t identify it until the early 1960s. And at that point, they […]

In this era of show-and-tell skin care that is 2023—when sharing an acupuncture facial session on Instagram is as common as an #OOTD—there’s a good chance you’ve heard of microneedling. The minimally invasive procedure, which involves inserting fine short needles into the skin, can help diminish the appearance of acne […]

Stockholm-based playtech startup Boxbollen has partnered with Gothenburg-based fintech startup Juni for a $2.7 million capital injection to support Boxbollen’s rapid growth. Boxbollen, known for its head-tethered boxing ball and app, saw substantial sales and revenue growth in 2022. Juni specializes in helping ecommerce businesses manage their cash flow, especially […]

Doctors often recommend that people remain physically active as they age. However, not all exercise routines will work well for older adults. There’s some good news for those who are interested in trying yoga for the first time, though. You can start practicing yoga right now with a few great […]

If you’re trying to lose weight, you likely know you need to reduce your caloric intake. The problem is, it’s hard to do because many of us feel hungry and our cravings kick in when we start cutting back. One of the main reasons individuals can’t decrease their calorie intake […]

Our Top Picks We have researched and tested various vitamin supplements to find the best options available. Vitamin supplements are essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially if your diet is lacking in certain nutrients or if you have specific health conditions. However, not all supplements are created equal, and […]