When you envision a soothing bedtime activity, yoga might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Images of handstands and hyper-flexibility might flash before your eyes—the exact opposite of the relaxation you’re seeking when it’s time to fall asleep. Contrary to the popularized images of yoga we see […]

You’re doing everything right — brushing your teeth twice a day with the best electric or manual toothbrush you can find for the two minutes a day, remembering to floss, use mouthwash and brush your tongue, too. Nonetheless, your teeth can still stain over time, especially if you’re a big […]

Eating once a day is becoming quite popular among people who are packed with their everyday work schedules and want to lose some weight. The one meal a day is also referred to as the OMAD diet. The OMAD diet limits the calories consumptions to a single meal or to […]

Compass Medical’s Sudden Closure Leads To Patient Lawsuit The Massachusetts-based health organization abruptly shut down facilities last week, and this has now led to a class-action lawsuit that alleges Compass was negligent in not warning patients ahead of time. Another closure, this time of a psychiatric hospital in Washington state, […]

Friday afternoon marked an important milestone in New York City’s air quality crisis. For the first time since Tuesday, when the skies first filled with smoky particles from Canadian wildfires, pollution dropped to levels considered “good.” The Air Quality Index (AQI) showed a reading of 48, just under the threshold […]