The 10 Best Micro-Needling Face Tools for Healthy Skin

As with any skincare device, there are certain areas of the face that should be approached with caution or avoided entirely when using a micro-needling tool. Davis tells us these include the eyelids and the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. It should also be used carefully on bony areas, such as the forehead. “The skin in these areas is very delicate and thin and can easily be damaged by at-home micro-needling devices, resulting in bleeding, bruising, granulomas, discoloration, and infections,” explains Davis. Before undergoing the treatment, always remember to thoroughly cleanse the skin (avoiding the use of abrasives such as scrubs prior to the treatment). When selecting a micro-needling tool, look for a device developed specifically for at-home use from a trusted brand. 

“Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any unwanted consequences. Do not use the at-home device in areas of active infections, acne, or breakouts, as this can result in bacterial transfer and possible infections and granuloma formation,” she advises. Needle length of the at-home devices should also be considered to avoid deep penetration of the skin’s outer layer. Applying gentle pressure to avoid excess trauma on the skin and utilizing SPF on treated areas is key for effective and healthy use. When it comes to product recommendations, Davis doubles down on her advice to only purchase at-home devices from reputable brands.

Your product of choice should also have the ability to adjust the length of the needles for a customized experience. “The device needs to be manufactured from high-quality materials that are easy to clean, such as stainless steel,” she tells us. It’s also smart to evaluate the safety features of the product, ensuring that it includes built-in mechanisms to avoid excess pressure and an easy-to-clean design. When in doubt, look to reviews to help gauge a product’s safety, effectiveness, and popularity. Keep reading for our expert- and beauty-editor-approved list of the best at-home micro-needling tools for a well-rounded skincare regimen.


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